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Whether you’re starting your first aquaponics system or you’re ready to sell your hydroponic produce on a commercial scale, we’ve got the guides to help you succeed.

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Free Recorded Webinars

Bright Agrotech WebinarsFrom selling at farmer’s markets to crowdfunding your farm, you’ll learn years of wisdom in just a few minutes.

Aquaponics Academy 

Learn everything there is to know about aquaponics in this free podcast from aquaponics expert Dr. Nate Storey.

Upstart Farmers Radio

Stay up with the fastest growing farmer’s network in the world with Dr. Nate and Perry from Bright Agrotech.

Upstart Farmers Radio

Tune into the voice of the innovative agriculture movement here.

Bright Agrotech VideosBright Agrotech YouTube

Over the years we’ve published hundreds of useful videos on topics ranging from plumbing aquaponics systems to setting up living farm walls. If you’re looking to learn, look no further!

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