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Modern FArmer's Guide to Indoor Lighting

The Modern Farmer's Guide to Indoor Lighting

FREE:  When it comes to artificial lighting, things can get confusing in a hurry. Download this guide to learn about types of indoor lighting, measurements of light intensity and how to use them, how light-emitting diodes (LEDs) work, and considerations of LED form factors such as box, panel, and bar lights.

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Ebooks and Guides

Greenhouse shopping list

High Tunnels for Small Producers: The Greenhouse Shopping List

FREE: Thinking about building a greenhouse? Download our free guide to the finding the best materials for your commercial greenhouse.

Living Green Walls

Farm Wall Buyer's Guide

FREE: Lending elegance and innovation to any landscape design, Bright Agrotech’s Farm Walls are simultaneously allowing anyone to grow fresh, local food while redefining vertical agriculture. See which Farm Wall is right for you in this free Buyer’s Guide.
Nutrient Deficiency Key

Nutrient Deficiency Key

PAID: The Diagnosing Plant Nutrient Deficiencies Key is a step-by-step guide to determining nutrient deficiencies in your system. Fix your system now!
ZipGrow Production Estimates Guide

ZipGrow Production Estimates Guide

FREE: How do ZipGrow towers stack up to other aquaponic production techniques? The Production Estimates Guide compares ZipGrow towers, rafts, media beds and other vertical designs with crop yield data.
Live Sales Model

Live Sales Models Sheet

FREE: When you show up to the local grocery store with a tower of living basil, mint, or chives, you’re sure to turn some heads. In fact, 80% of shoppers are willing to pay more for living food. Why? It’s about the experience. Learn more.
Getting Started with ZipGrow Towers

Getting Started with ZipGrow Towers

FREE: Get started with the world’s best vertical hydroponic towers. You’ll learn how to setup your vertical system, see how others are using ZipGrow towers, and get answers to your FAQs. Download here.
Bright Agrotech Crop List

Recommended Crop List

PAID: Get growing with this guide to the best crops for ZipGrow towers. Yield, light requirements, common pests, and more are discussed for each recommend green, herb, and other crop. Choose your crops wisely. Start here.
Business Plan Template

Business Plan Template

PAID: In this guide, you’ll learn how to write a business plan, determine your farm costs, and predict your farm revenues. This resource was written specifically for those pursuing commercial hydroponic production using ZipGrow towers. Start building your business today.
Farmers' market packet

Farmers' Market Grower's Packet

PAID: Farmers’ Markets are an easily accessed, ever-growing market. They’re becoming more and more popular, driving participation from more customers and vendors. Learn what it takes to sell at Farmers’ Markets here.

Top 10 Ebook

The Top 10 Mistakes Made by Aquaponic Growers

“The Top 10 Mistakes Made By Aquaponic Growers” is a list of short sighted mishaps made by or witnessed by Dr. Nate Storey as he gives you the chance to learn from his mistakes. Before you dive head first into designing, building and running your own aquaponic system or small commercial operation, you MUST read these 10 warnings!
Restaurant Grower's Packet

Restaurant Grower's Packet

PAID: Approach, sell, and maintain local restaurants as a part of your farm’s marketing strategy. This packet will guide you through the process to get you started. Start here.
Five Secrets

The Five Secrets of Highly Successful Hydroponic Growers

FREE: When you’ve been in the industry as long as we have, you get to talk with a lot of successful growers. We want to help you learn what it means to be a successful grower by sharing a few of their secrets.
Production Estimates Calculator

Production Estimates Calculator

PAID: By inputting your growing area square footage, desired proportions of greens and herbs production, and local market prices, this calculator will tell you your weekly and annual revenue, your weekly and annual production, and the number of seedlings necessary to achieve these production results. Use the calculator here.

Questions to Ask When You're Expecting to Grow

FREE: When you’re expecting to become a commercial hydroponic or aquaponic farmer, comparing your plant production system options can be difficult. Learn what questions you should ask of potential systems in order to find the best option for you here.

Bright Agrotech Pest Control Guide

Pest & Disease Control Packet

PAID: Having trouble with plant disease or pests? Don’t worry- this tailored guide will help you learn how to combat common plant diseases and pests quickly and efficiently. Click here to download.
Bright Agrotech Grocery Grower's Guide

Grocery Grower's Packet

Prepare your farm for the grocery store market with this guide to negotiation, the grocery sales process, and compliance. Learn how to sell to grocery stores here.

CSA Grower's Packet

CSA Grower's Packet

PAID: Market, sell, and implement your new CSA with this packet. Included are best management practices, a getting started checklist, a CSA contract template and more. Start your own CSA here.

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