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School gardening is taking the educational world by storm – and for good reason. But as an educator new to classroom gardening, the concept of incorporating something so physical into your classroom and lesson plans can be daunting. Whether it’s a task newly assigned to you, or a new program you’ve personally inspired your school to begin, you may have questions like “what can I teach with hydroponics?” and “how do I make it an impactful experience for my students?”

The good news is, we have the answers. And so does the growing community of soil-less science eduators

Discussion and Activity Plans

Shorter activities to complement Bright Agrotech’s articles and videos

Nutrient Cycling

Nutrient Cycling and Decomposition

After students read Nutrient Cycling and Decomposition, use this discussion plan to define difficult vocabulary and test student understanding with critical thinking questions.


Nutrient Cycling

Using Hydroponics with STEM Education

Watch this pre-recorded webinar to learn more about how educators are using hydroponics to boost student creativity and competencies, what curriculum options are available, how to fund your system, and more.

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The Soil-Less Science Newsletter walks you phase by phase through starting up your own school garden including spotlights innovative educators and other resources for teachers.

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