The ZipGrow Farm Wall

This Farm Wall is designed to provide a low-maintenance, high-yield hydroponic growing system that comes as a complete and customizable kit. The wall is made up of two rectangular gutters (made of food-safe PVC) that hold the ZipGrow towers in place. The top gutter houses the built-in irrigation system including all drippers. Order your ZipGrow Farm Wall today.

Other Product Manuals

Spring System User Manual

Spring System User Manual

Lose your Spring System manual? No problem! Access it here anytime.
Getting Started With ZipGrow Guide

ZipGrow Getting Started Guide

Everything you need to know about getting started with ZipGrow towers. Click here to access the guide.

Spring System Light Kit Assembly

Light Kit Assembly Guide

Supply your vertical garden with the light it needs to grow indoors or in other low light conditions. This guide will help you learn how to assembly your Spring System Light Kit. Click here to access the guide.

Discontinued Models

The ZipGrow Green Wall (2014-2015)

This Green Wall is a complete recirculating hydroponic kit that is self-supporting. This model was discontinued in early 2015.

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